Beginners module

Week 1: Introduction 

Class overview, introduction to design process, CAD, and Rhino (splines), 2D design (composition, colors, style and integrity), design critique (2D example)

Week 2: From 2D design to 2D fabrication 

  • Discussing students' work
  • 2D CAD design methods and implications on 2D fabrication (inkjet printing, masking, trimming, engraving), discussing examples
  • 2D design and fabrication methods in construction of 3D artifacts (dovetail, laser cutting box online applications such as 1 2, and other examples of laser cut works 1 2 3 4, or contemporary HCI work such as 1 2). Implications for 3D printing
  • Design critique: manifolds, negative spaces
  • Rhino: five types of objects (point, spline, surfaces, 3D solids and meshes). From curves to surfaces in 3D (connectivity)

Week 3: From 3D design to 3D fabrication 

  • Discussing students' work
  • Exploration of 2D/3D design project
  • Rhino: control point manipulation (continue: rebuild and simplify, the importance of a good curve). Solids, boolean operations, constructing solids from surfaces, join edges, deformation and the impact on control points.
  • Design critique
  • Introduction to rapid prototyping (+ Formlab visit)

Week 4: 3D printing and hybrids 

Week 5: Rendering and concept design

  • Discussing students' work (virtual vs physical, constraints and subjectivity, design style and integrity)
  • Introduction to concept design (Creating the World of "Oblivion") and introduction to matte painting
  • Introduction to VRay, design for rendering and hybrids

Week 6: Parametric design

  • Discussing students' work and readings (back to 2D composition)
  • Rhino: introduction to Grasshopper, T-Spline and organic shapes
  • VRay camera, HDRI and GI
  • Brief introduction to parametric design, tools and aesthetics (computational architecture, morphogenesism, Neri Oxman's work and bio-inspired parametric design, parametric design and moving parts: Nervous System)
  • Guest presentations by Jennifer Jacobs and Peter Schmitt

Week 7: Advanced methods of design and fabrication

Discussing readings and design critique (students). Smart fabrication tools, hybrid fabrication and advanced topics.

Studio module

Week 8: introduction to design studio section of the course and presentation of the design topics

Week 9: studio work (projects overview and discussion)

Week 10: studio work (projects overview and discussion)

Week 11: studio work (projects overview and discussion)

Week 12: studio work (projects overview and discussion)

Week 13: studio work (projects overview and discussion)

Week 14: final presentations