Rhinoceros website
Rhino tutorials at Vimeo
Rhino fab-lab
Zoo (license manager for Rhino)

V-Ray (rendering plugin)
User Manual / V-Ray for Rhino (ASGVIS)

Parametric & algorithmic design:
Grasshopper - algorithmic modeling for Rhino, including tutorials

Online 3D printing services:
Solid-Concepts (3D printing service) 
Shapeways (3D printing service) 
i.materialise (3D printing service)

Design fundamentals books:
Wong, Wucius. 1993. Principles of Form and Design. Wiley.
Roberts, Ian. 2007. 2D Composition: Mastering Composition: Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your PaintingMastering (North Light Books).
Sherin, Aaris. 2012. Design Elements, Color Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Color Affects Design. Rockport Publishers.
Luecking, Stephen. 2002. Principles of Three-Dimensional Design: Objects, Space and Meaning. Pearson.
Roth, Richard and Stephen Pentak. 2012. Design Basics: 3D (with Art Design CourseMate with eBook Printed Access Card). Cengage Learning.
Lauer, David A. 2011. Design Basics (with CourseMate Printed Access Card). Cengage Learning.
(there are many more resources on these topics...)

General digital fabrication reading:
Griffin, Matthew. 2014. Design and Modeling for 3D Printing. Maker Media, Inc. (will be published at May 22, 2014)
Chua, C. K., Leong, K. F., & Lim, C. S. 2003. Rapid Prototyping: Principles and Applications. Singapore: World Scientific.
Gershenfeld, N. 2005. FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop - From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication. First chapter. Basic Books.
Lipson, Hod and Melba Kurman. 2013. Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing. Wiley.
Beorkrem, Christopher. 2012. Material Strategies in Digital Fabrication. Routledge.

Other designs and digital fabrication resources:
Freedom Of Creation (commercializing 3D printed design products).
Nervous System (a generative design studio).
MIT Center for Bits and Atoms
The MIT Media Lab's Mediated Matter group

General product design reading:
Gorman, Carma. 2003. The Industrial Design Reader. Allworth Press.
Norman, D.A. 2002. The Design of Everyday Things, Basic Books.
Product Design and Development by Ulrich and Eppinger 

Concept design:
Cosmic Motors
Robertson, Scott. 2013. How to Design: Concept design process, styling, inspiration, and methodology. Design Studio Press,
(and any other book from Concept Design serious by Design Studio Press)

Selected designers for inspiration:
Daniel Simon
Yaacov Kaufman
Tokyjin Yoshioka 
Ross Lovegrove
Naoto Fukasawa
Thomas Heatherwick 
Sam Hecht 
Bradley Munkowitz 
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec 
Gramazio & Kohler & eth zurich architecture 
Dieter Rams
Sou Fujimoto
Ron Arad
Philippe Starck
Ulrich Teuffel

Amit Zoran site 
Fluid Interfaces Group
MIT Media Lab